Rewilding News.

This page will feature links to media coverage relevant to wildlife re-introductions in Scotland.

28/07/2015 The Scotsman – Farmer Alarm At Scots’ Rewilding Species Campaign

24/07/2015 – Rewilding Britain Launch Sparks Debate On Upland Farming

17/07/2015 The Scottish Farmer – Rewilding – Don’t Believe The Hype

17/07/2015 FG Insight – NFU Scotland Warn of Dangers of Rewilding Britain

15/07/2015 BBC – Call for Lynx and Wolf Reintroduction

15/07/2015 STV – Rewilding Britain Wants To Bring Wolves Lynx Boar And Beavers To Scotland

07/05/2015 The Guardian – The Return of Britain’s Otters Offers A Glimpse Of Rewildings Great Rewards

06/05/2015 Holyrood Magazine – Re-Introducing Lynx Would Require  Considerable Planning

03/05/2015 The Guardian – Make Way for Lynx And The Bear as ‘Rewilding’ Projects Gather Pace Across Britain

11/04/2015 Grough – John Muir Trust Wants To See Lynx Released Back Into Britain

03/04/2015 The Herald – Conservation Charity Backs Bringing Back Wild Carnivores to Scotland’s Countryside

11/03/2015 BBC – Should Lynx be reintroduced to Britain? 

09/03/2015 STV – Wildlife Charity plans to reintroduce Lynx after 1300 years.

08/03/2015 The Independent – Lynx to be reintroduced in the wild in Britain after 1300 year absence.

29/12/2014 BBC – Scottish Wildlife Charity Calls for Lynx Re-Introduction. 

29/12/2014 Telegraph – Bring Back Lynx to Scottish Countryside

21/12/2014 The Sunday Times – Wildlife Trust calls for return of Lynx to curb deer numbers. 

19/09/2014 The Guardian – Re-Wilding Britain; Bringing back Wolves, Bears and Beavers to the Land

21/07/2014 The Guardian – How the Coalition is stopping the Re-Introduction of Wildlife to the UK.

17/03/2014 BBC – Wolf Top-Dog in BBC Country File Re-Introduction Poll. 


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