A short video from Dr Keith Skene, PHD. An expert in evolutionary ecology and developmental biology,  Dr Skene takes a very unexpected position with rewilding and reintroduction projects. We have made contact with him and hope to have   a more in-depth interview with him shortly to explore his ideas in greater detail.

The author of four books and over thirty peer-reviewed journal articles, his newest offering is being debated at the US Congress Conference on Sustainability in Washington this week. Dr Skene works with a number of business schools and teaches at universities across Europe, including MENDELU in Brno. He is well known and respected for his collaborative works and as an expert speaker in his field.

Previously, 13 years at the prestigious College of Life Sciences in Dundee, where he carried out extensive field research in an impressive array of countries “from Kenya to the Carpathian mountains, from the Scottish highlands to southwest Australia and from Vietnam to Trinidad”,  he was appointed as Convenor of the Board of Environmental and Applied Biology in 2008. He then established the Biosphere Research Institute (www.biosri.org) in 2008, becoming its first director.



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